Aarzoo hee sahi: Trying to solve the riddles of life


Much like his grandfather, Adeel remains very optimistic about the circumstances, despite the chaos around the country. That is also the reason why he wants to keep the witty side of his character alive, but the lack of depth in humour these days, gets to his nerves.

“People who experience life slightly closely believe that humour is very important,” he says. “Now, we crack jokes that are funny but shallow as opposed to people before us who were astoundingly funny.”

Adeel’s take on comedy has never been dated. Be it the hilarious portrayal of Luci in Teen Bata Teen or his usual comedy of errors, Adeel has always packed a punch while jesting. But he doesn’t want to ‘Stand up’ to the task of making people laugh.

“Theatre is a medium that frightens me and I’m certain that the moment I try it, people will realise that I’m a phony. I want them to keep believing whatever they do about me.” Perhaps Adeel’s light hearted self-deprecating humour is what is so enjoyable about him.

He recently acted in a film which is set to come out in February and has also written one, but does not plan on gracing the director’s chair any time soon.

“I don’t meet up with a lot of people and film is a collaborative art. I am just an overtly sensitive person and once I develop that second skin that is needed to survive in this society I will”.

For the moment, he doesn’t have the courage to delve into a project of that nature because he believes that we are yet to understand the importance of discipline in art.

Adeel concludes the conversation with a smart little personal anecdote. “One has to keep progressing, I have to keep doing what I’m doing but I have no idea what I’m doing. The other day someone asked me how life is treating me to which I replied ‘maza bohat aa raha hai lekin samaj kuch nai aa raha’”.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 30th, 2015.

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